Mchr3k Projects


This site describes all of the open source projects which I work on.


InTrace is a tool which enables the tracing of program execution without recompilation. You can easily trace your own classes, library classes or system classes. This tool can be used by adding a single extra JVM parameter to a new JVM process (see below) or by using the Eclipse plugin.


InMemProfiler is a tool for tracking the allocation and lifetime of Java objects. This tool aims to answer the following questions.

  • How many instances of a class are being allocated?
  • What are the most common stack traces of these allocations?
  • How long do these instances live?
  • What class is responsible for their allocation?

Java Thread Dump Analyser

Java Thread Dump Analyser is a tool for quickly summarising lengthy Java thread dumps.

Java Live Thread Analyser

Java Live Thread Analyser is a tool for identifying the source of Java thread allocations.


SWTJar is a tool for easily packaging SWT Java applications into a single cross platform Jar.


EmmaCheck is an ant task which enforces particular Java code coverage levels.


JDEclipse-Realign is a fork of a project which enhances JD Eclipse to align the generated source code with the correct debug line numbers.

Code Trails

Code Trails are collections of simple markers within code comments that highlight particular functionality and themes. The Code Trails plugin enables this functionality within Eclipse.


JaCoCo is a fork of the JaCoCo code coverage library to enable me to work on adding filters that improve coverage reports.

Arduino Manchester Encoding

Arduino Manchester Encoding is a library for use in RF links.