Building InTrace

Release Process

All this is run within the "org.intrace" folder.

  • "ant clean release1" - Build InTrace agent and standalone UI
  • Within Eclipse (RCP SDK installed), open site.xml within the "" project and run "Build All"
  • "ant clean release2" - Prepare the zipped Eclipse update site and copy the Eclipse files into the App Engine project
  • Within Eclipse (App Engine Plugin installed), select "intrace.appengine" and run "Deploy App Engine Project"

Main Ant Targets

  • "ant clean validate" - Run complete clean build of classes and jars and run junit tests with eclemma coverage and findbugs analysis.
  • "ant validate" - As above without clean.
  • "ant example" - Build classes and jars then run an example class which the GUI can then connect to.
  • "ant clean jar" - Build clean copies of the jars.

All Ant Targets

Each of these targets depends on the one preceding it (apart from clean). This means you can do a full clean build by running "ant clean jar".

  • clean - Delete all build folders
  • build - Compile main program classes
  • jar - Create jars
  • example - Run example class (see above)
  • test
    • Compile test classes
    • EMMA instrument main program classes
    • Run junit tests
    • Produce junit test report
    • Produce EMMA code coverage report
  • findbugs - Run findbugs analysis of agent jar
  • release - do all of the above (except run example)