Release Notes

Release 31, Eclipse Plugin V0.21 (06/04/2014)

  • Add support for gzipping trace messages on the wire and writing out stack trace on method exit.

Release 30, Eclipse Plugin V0.20 (01/05/2012)

  • Fix method entry trace in java.lang.Object constructor.

Release 29, Eclipse Plugin V0.19 (23/04/2012)

  • Fix Issue 24: Class name length is restricted.
  • Fix some minor UI bugs.

Release 28, Eclipse Plugin V0.18 (18/03/2012)

  • Fix Issue 21: Enter multiple class names to instrument at the same time.
  • Fix Issue 22: Allow underscore character in class name.
  • Pull fix to Issue 23 by ianupright: Allow repeated methods to be excluded.
  • Eclipse plugin
    • Add support for saving class/output filters in Eclipse launch configurations.

Release 27, Eclipse Plugin V0.17 (04/08/2011)

  • Add support for new features
    • Discard excess trace
    • Discard filtered trace

Release 26, Eclipse Plugin V0.16 (01/08/2011)

  • Fix NPE in class analysis - Issue #10
  • Add proper tab style to Include/Exclude window

Release 25, Eclipse Plugin V0.15 (27/07/2011)

  • Fix layout bug - Issue #9
  • Fix NPE in Eclipse - Issue #8

Release 24, Eclipse Plugin V0.14 (26/07/2011)

  • Enable tracing of all classes and all methods
    • One exclusion - java.lang.Thread#getUncaughtExceptionHandler()
  • Speed up escaping of special characters
  • Add array display truncation

Release 23, Eclipse Plugin V0.13 (17/07/2011)

  • Refactor UI
    • Add confirmation of clearing output
  • Add some UI tests and more UTs

Release 22, Eclipse Plugin V0.12 (13/07/2011)

  • Improve coloring of eclipse tabs
  • Fix class exclude filter
  • Fix arrow chars on WinXP
  • Fix Eclipse UI layout

Release 21, Eclipse Plugin V0.11 (10/07/2011)

  • Refactor UI
    • Add new controls bar
    • Convert Connection tab to bar
    • Add Settings bar to contain Trace/Advanced tabs
    • Refactor output controls
      • Collect Trace (checkbox), Save..., Clear
      • Filter (checkbox), Filter...
      • Align Auto scroll to the right to be closer to the scrollbar

Release 20, Eclipse Plugin V0.10 (29/06/2011)

  • Fix relaunching the InTrace Eclipse editor

Release 19, Eclipse Plugin V0.9 (29/06/2011)

  • Fix Exclude class bug
  • Fix trace escaping of newlines
  • Clarify trace toString exception error message

Release 18, Eclipse Plugin V0.8 (27/06/2011)

  • Fix missing icons issue with Eclipse plugin

Release 17, Eclipse Plugin V0.7 (26/06/2011)

  • Add icon to include/exclude window
  • Allow entry of * include/exclude pattern
  • Batch updates from the trace filter thread
  • Escape special chars from trace lines
  • Fix output of agent settings
  • Fix detection of changes to include and exclude regexes

Release 16, Eclipse Plugin V0.0.6 (12/06/2011)

  • Allow output tabs to be maximised by double clicking on the tab

Release 15, Eclipse Plugin V0.0.5 (11/06/2011)

  • Fix trace include filter behaviour when all filters have been removed - default to include all
  • Fix find text entry
  • Fix eclipse editor title
  • Fix 64 bit OSX launching
  • Improve icons

Release 14, Eclipse Plugin V0.0.4 (05/06/2011)

  • Agent
    • Change "## Listening on port 9123" to "## InTrace listening on port 9123"
    • Allow Java standard library to be instrumented with minor exclusions:
      • java.lang.Thread
      • java.lang.SecurityManager
  • UI
    • Update inclusion/exclusion UI to use .contains(...) rather than pattern matching
      • Ensure UI only allows entry of appropriate text
    • Allow include/exclude window to be closed by escape key
    • Add Page Up/Page Down key handlers to trace output
    • Add content menu "Jump to Enter/Exit"
      • Add keyboard shortcuts
    • Fix default text include filter so that a single exclusion filter doesn�t hide all lines of text
    • Add search feedback to show when no matches were found
    • Fix Eclipse editor window title text
    • Add proper icon to standalone UI
    • Fix standalone UI launcher to print the message from an unsatisfiedlinkerror
  • Eclipse
    • Auto instrument the launched class
  • Release 13, Eclipse Plugin V0.0.0.3 (21/05/2011)

    • Fix bug in broadcast of the number of instrumented classes.

    Release 12, Eclipse Plugin V0.0.0.2 (20/05/2011)

    • Release 2 of Eclipse integration
      • Add Open InTrace Editor action
      • Cleanup code
      • Publish on update site

    Release 11, Eclipse Plugin V0.0.0.1 (08/05/2011)

    • Alpha quality Eclipse integration

    Release 10 (02/05/2011)

    • Improve GUI
      • Add quick filter include/exclude context menu
      • Add "Find" function to trace output
      • Add Save Output function
      • Fix Filter updates

    Release 9 (27/04/2011)

    • Add help URL
    • Complete SWT packaging update
    • Trace verbose messages

    Release 8 (25/04/2011)

    • Refactor UI
    • Partially update SWT packaging - this will be completed in Release 9

    Release 7 (27/06/2010)

    • Improve GUI resize perf

    Release 6 (26/06/2010)

    • Ensure trace wraps correctly
    • Fix output of number of classes instrumented in the example (currently claims 1 but lists 2)
    • Fix handling of instrumenting the same class loaded by multiple classloaders
    • Trace thrown exceptions

    Release 5 (21/06/2010)

    • Compare classes by hashcode not name. Previous name approach will fail when the same class is loaded by different classloaders.

    Release 4 (19/06/2010)

    • Misc linux GUI fixes

    Release 3 (19/06/2010)

    • Fix java.lang.VerifyError: - Attempt to split long or double on the stack
    • Remove FLUSH output line
    • Add scroll lock button
    • Fix UI resize bug
    • Fix lowercase callers regex bug
    • Add handling to ensure we cannot use too much memory
    • Use appendText for all but the first increment of setting filtered text
    • Show progress when instrumenting classes

    Release 2 (13/06/2010)

    • Fix invalid jar manifest attributes which are rejected by the linux JVM

    Release 1 (12/06/2010)

    • Use jarjar to repack asm
    • Fix file output
    • Improve GUI
      • Add "Clear" button
      • Output a list of traced classes
      • Rewrite GUI code by hand and implement new layout
      • Add better class regex input GUI
      • Fix display of exceptions
      • Add output filters
      • Cleanup output filters code
      • Refactor output tab
      • Improve tab order and add "enter key" handlers
      • Fix pattern dialog
      • Retest GUI on linux - GUI rewrite almost certainly looks a bit broken on linux
      • Add exclude filters
    • Add example script
    • get the GUI working on other platforms
      • added jars for linux in addition to windows
    • trace return values
    • trace exception handling
    • Increase rate of Callers updates
    • Improve re instrumentation exception handling to allow for debugging of problems in this area
    • Use debug build of ASM
    • Fix handling of fast trace output
    • Fix exception (try upgrading to v3.3 of ASM) java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 58
    • Save revision info into JAR manifest
      • In fact save a "build number" into the jar and port this todo list into a per build change log

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